3 Misconceptions About Niche and How To Reframe Them

3 Misconceptions About Niche and How To Reframe Them

The common perception of” niche” lacks the fluidity and rigidity essential for long-term fulfilment through business.

With the premise of the niche being an anchor to our community through our business, let’s reframe our perception of”niching” from some disconnected marketing exercise to durability of how you express YOU through business and marketing

.Reframe# 1

Niche is NOT a commodity you pick from a” niche menu” just because someone says it’s feasible or economical. Niche is NOT determined by external factors alone.
Niche is embedded in our inner values, persuasions and points of view.

When we have the clarity, when we find the belief and conviction that drive us, we produce ineluctability that energies aligned action.
“Niche” emerges organically under that ineluctability, from within. You can not squeeze yourself into a” niche” handed to you by others if your internal drive tells you else.

Your niche is the pure expression of your value, conviction and vision for your interpretation of the world- made applicable by relating your inner verity to your community and the world.
This highlights the significance of participating in our ideas, conviction and POV. Applicable content- be it written or spoken, distributed via textbook, audio, videotape, or live followership-is your attraction to pull those who reverberate with your unique approach into your world.

It’s a process of organic tone- selection, not one of assessing yourself into a group and crying with a megaphone anyhow of environment and applicability.

Reframe# 2

Niche is NOT a collection of exploration data.
Niche is about connection and resonance. Niche is about giving a shit.

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With all the exploration and data, which are basically a distillation of mortal geste, numerous approach niche in such a clinical and impersonal way that it loses sight of the abecedarian element-real living breathing people!
.After we establish what matters to ourselves, the coming piece of the mystification is to establish who count to you and what matters to them.

Still, also A = C, If A = B and B = C. What matters to those that count to you matters to you.
Niche is about chancing these people who count to you, or watch about what matters to you, and connect with them on an emotional and particular position.

Connection and Resonance is the new currency of Conversion.
To make that connection and resonance, to produce content that connects, we’ve to enjoy our vulnerability.

It requires empathy-not lip service like”I understand”, “I’ve been there”, or”it’s not your fault”- canned expressions that are submerging the business because of some deals, runner rosters or scripts.
You do not have to go through the exact same thing (in fact, you can’t)-everybody’s experience is unique because of the existent’s history and emotional state. To say, “I know exactly what you’re going through”minimizes the unique experience.

It’s about acceptance and showing up because if you can not show up for your looks, how can you anticipate them to show up for you?

.Reframe# 3

Niche is NOT stationary. Niche is NOT” set it and forget it.”
Niche is constantly evolving because we’re evolving, and the world (in which we define ourselves) is evolving.

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“Niche” seems to limit for some because of the common perception of it. They repel defining a niche, which prevents them from taking their work deeper into serving those who genuinely count to them.
For the multi-talented and multi-passionate, being” defined” by a niche can feel constricting, particularly if we approach” niche” as some being markers.

We frequently associate” business” with our logical mind, and it’s hard for the logical mind to grasp queries. But we all know that query is the only constant we can count on.
Still, the misalignment and ocean between YOU and what you * suppose * your communication and immolation * should * look like grounded on an instinctively defined parameter can widen to the point where it’s no longer reflecting your conviction, value and ideal If you repel taking your niche with you on your evolutionary trip.

When what you do is no longer reflecting who you are, your communication isn’t in alignment with your communication, and you aren’t attracting the right guests. Dubieties set in, and you feel this niching thing has failed you (or you fail at it.)
Ling is an Intuitive Brainiac. Through her unique mix of Business Marketing guiding with a Mindset Psychic Twist, she helps the multi-talented and multi-passionate counterculturist solo-entrepreneurs distil ALL their big ideas into ONE cohesive Communication, nail the WORDS that vend and design a Plan to cut the busywork and do what matters, through her intuitive yet rigorous iterative process born out of her Harvard Design School training and ten times of experience in the online marketing assiduity.

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