6 Common Type of Switches

6 Common Type of Switches

You are here because you want to learn more about microswitches. We will be looking at different types of microswitches in this article. This will allow you to choose the best unit for your project. This article will provide you with a deeper understanding of the six types. Let’s take a look at each one. Continue reading to learn more.

Types of switches

Below are six types of these units. While they all have the same functions, there are differences in their designs. These are the characteristics that distinguish them from one another.

Push Button Switches
Rocker switches
Rotary switches
Slide switches
Toggle switches

1) Microswitches

Microswitches are tiny switches that have a push or lever. These units are easy to use and don’t require much physical effort. These units are small enough to be used for small-scale projects.

2) Push Button Type

You can find these units in many different styles and shapes. They can also be made from other materials. The button opens or closes the circuit by pushing it. You have the option of a latching or momentary type. As long as it is not pressed again, the latching type will turn on and off.

3) Rocker type

This type of switch will allow you to rock the button on the device to close the contacts. The circuit will also be opened if the switch is pressed on the opposite side. These devices come in many styles and shapes. You can choose from either a single or double pole configuration.

4) Type Rotary

This unit has a moving contact, as the name implies. To get a better understanding, you can imagine the dial on a stove to see how they work.

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5) Slide type

A small knob is used to control slide switches. Slide the knob in to open or close the circuit. These compact units are ideal for short courses, particularly where there is a need for changeovers. These devices can be used to switch tracks for an inbound train and are very common in railways.

These units can be found in a variety of electrical and appliance equipment, including hundreds of thousands. You can find one in your refrigerator and microwave door, for example.

6) Toggle type

This switch activates when the lever is moved in different directions. The spring in the device returns to its original position when the lever is released. These switches are simple and can withstand the test of time.

This was a short introduction to the different types of micro switches. Using the information in this article, you will find it easier to understand the various types of microcontrollers. This will help you make an informed decision when purchasing these units for your projects and applications.