A Guide for Replacing Your Refrigerator’s Micro Switch

A Guide for Replacing Your Refrigerator's Micro Switch

Many people like to fix appliances at home. This isn’t always about saving money. This can sometimes increase our knowledge about a device. Let’s learn how to replace the microswitch in your refrigerator.
The durability of any appliance is dependent on its microswitches. These switches can cause problems that could affect the appliance’s performance. Imagine your refrigerator suddenly becoming dysfunctional because the microswitch on its dispenser is not working. What should you do? We are here to assist you. Follow these steps to replace the microswitch on the dispenser.

Get organized first

This is the first step. To replace the microswitch in your refrigerator’s dispenser, you will need a new micro switch and a screwdriver. Cloth is a good idea for cleaning.

Power Shutdown

To ensure safety, you must disconnect the power cables from your appliance before you begin any repairs. The same precautions will be taken when replacing the switch.

The Drip Tray must be removed.

Remove the drip tray from the dispenser to get started. To remove the drip tray, you will need a knife. To protect your drip tray and dispenser from the sharp edges of your blade, wrap your silverware in electrical tape. You will find a plug that turns on switches after you have removed the tray. This plug is to be removed. Wipe away any dirt with a dry cloth, and then leave it for a while.

The Old Micro Switch Must Be Dismantled

After you have removed the drip tray/plug, you can now remove the old switch. These units are usually covered with plastic strips and secured by a hook. You can remove the theme by using a screwdriver. You can now dispose of the old microswitch.

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Installation of a New Switch

You will need to reverse the previous steps in order to proceed with this step. You will need to remove the old switch and install the new one. You must ensure that the switch is securely installed and that all wires are in the correct position.

Reconnection of Harness Connector

Now you can move closure to complete the process. The harness connector can now be reconnected after installing the microswitch. To lock it, lift it up from the dispenser’s casing and apply some pressure at the bottom.


You are now almost done after installing the microswitch harness connection and successfully installing the microswitch. You can now return the drip tray to its original location and reconnect your refrigerator with power supplies.

There are seven steps you can follow to replace your micro switch with a brand new one. Ensure you follow all safety precautions while performing this activity.