An Introduction To The Design And Application Of Micro Switches

An Introduction To The Design And Application Of Micro Switches

Peter McGall invented micro switches (or miniature snap-action switches) in 1932. Five years later, he founded the Micro Switch Company. This company was bought by Honeywell 13 years later. Micro Switch is a trademark, but it was used more often for similar products. Let’s learn more about the design of these units and their many uses.

How does this unit work?

These units activate even when minimal force is applied. Their functionality is controlled by a tripping mechanism. The switch has three contacts. These contacts are known as Common, Normally Closed, and Normally Open. The design of the unit may allow or block current flow depending on how it is designed. When the mechanism is activated, the floor will return to normal.

If the normally open unit is in its closed position, current flow cannot be stopped until it is closed. The normally closed switch allows electricity to flow until it is stopped.

What do these units serve?

Despite being small and easy to make, micro switches can be used for many purposes. They are often used in electrical circuits and door locking mechanisms. A micro switch is a very common component.

They are also used to protect different Elevators. They are also used in photocopying machines to detect jammed papers. They are an essential component of home security systems.

The alarm goes off when the door or window mechanism activates the switch. They can be used in various fire alarm systems. They are also used in vending machines. Many manufacturers use micro switches to detect blockages in production lines. They are used, for example, to stop the belt from moving so engineers have time to fix the problem.

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There are many types of micro switches available depending on what you need. We recommend that you choose the right style and size for the job. Some units can be used for very simple tasks, such as cleaning. Some units, on the other hand are designed specifically for specific uses.

To ensure that your product is working properly, we recommend that you inspect the condition and performance of the product. To ensure safety and security of your security systems and appliances, it is a good idea to immediately replace damaged units.

This was a brief introduction to micro switches. These tips will help you choose the right switches for you. These tips will help you find the right unit for your needs. You don’t want the wrong unit.