Authenticity: Just Another Item for Your To-Do List?

Authenticity Just Another Item for Your To-Do List

There’s been a lot of discussion about authenticity. It’s one of those phrases that people shrug their shoulders at.

It’s easy to discuss authenticity. But is it actually authentic? Not really.

The stress to be authentic could be a bit overwhelming and feel like another thing you must do to succeed in your company. Another thing to add to your already growing to-do list.

The issue is that authenticity doesn’t mean making any changes.

It’s about letting the glitz or the disguise, the illusion, fade away.

If you’re genuine in your work, and when you’re marketing, you let your personality be seen. Your quirks that are charming which were until now (using the word “perfect” can be one of the peculiarities!) Only with family members, to be brought out.

Aren’t customers and your clients your beloved? They’re able to accept it.

It’s not just that they can be taken in – they’re also eager to look it up! They would like to know who you are.

Your contribution to the globe is an act of love.

It’s how you show your love through the time you are at work as this is the most significant time we are spending doing anything in a single day at work. With this in mind, would you not prefer to show the love you indeed are, not from an altered persona from work?

I’m sure I would.

My personal journey to authenticity has been one that is sometimes difficult and a long one. When I began my career in the workplace many years ago, my work personality was highly valued, particularly in my job. Being yourself was viewed as wildly anarchic, and very few could do it effectively.

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In addition, when I tried to be myself at work, I was called out repeatedly by a supervisor. It’s not easy to keep going and trying to be your best in the workplace.

One of the great benefits of being an entrepreneur is that there’s no one who can tell you that there’s no reason not to be you. Actually, we all love it! We all want this for ourselves.

If you’re yourself and express yourself, you do not just experience the joy of self-expression, but you also touch people in an even more profound way. It is a way to connect with humanness.

It’s a powerful thing in terms of human nature. It’s equally effective in business as well.

To avoid adding more tasks to your list, I’m not going to provide another list of tips or tasks here regarding authenticity. I’m simply going to share a few ideas with you regarding what I’ve seen in the most authentic (and more successful) business people that I’ve met:

1. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks.

What keeps a lot of us from being authentic is the fear of what other people think of us if we’re only ourselves—the possibility of being assessed. Even if we’re dismissed, it’s easier to be rejected if you’re the person who’s causing the rejection and not your persona that’s receiving a rejection. It’s difficult to turn off the worry. The most authentic, successful business individuals do speak up in a way that is comfortable for them. It may be the case for you!

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2. Embrace standing out.

Are you familiar with the man in the horrible commercial for furniture wearing a zebra costume that looks like that he’s having the time of his life? We laughed. Or cringe. We’ll always recall him. I’m not suggesting you need to dress like a zoo creature. What I’m suggesting is that doing something that is funny and exciting will help you to stand out. We fret so much about feeling embarrassed. What if we instead focus on the amount of enjoyment we could have?

3. Do what you love.

Oh my God. This is a huge one. It’s huge. Everything I mentioned in the two previous points? Most likely not an issue when you’re in love with yourself. You’re a unique, beautiful being. Be a kinda person to yourself like you would anyone you cherish.

What would be cool having someone who lets all the noise go away and is ultimately the person they are? You could be the one for your customers, your staff, or anyone else who comes in close contact with you. It’s inspirational. It’s love.

4. Keep your word.

A lot of promises you can’t make it among the fastest methods to appear untrue. People must be able to believe the words they make. This is the first step in every business connection. From there, purchasing decisions are taken. In the absence of it, it’s impossible to runway to run a business.

5. Have fun.

Work is hard. It’s true, isn’t it? What kind of enjoyment can we have? This is the answer. You can have all the fun you’d like! What happens if one of your factors in deciding whether or not the project is approved is that, overall, is it fun?

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It’s pretty cool when business truths are facts about life, aren’t they?

I am awestruck by your honesty. I’m here with you to show us who you indeed are. We’re cheering for you!

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