Basic and Specialized Janitorial Services for Your Business

Basic and Specialized Janitorial Services for Your Business

Your business will benefit from janitorial services. Even if your business does not host customers often, it is essential to maintain a safe and clean environment for employees. Get advice from different companies about the best options and experience for your business.

General Cleaning

The general cleaning includes vacuuming, cleaning the restrooms, and trash pickup. You can ask for information about the general services that are offered, depending on your office layout and requirements.

– Each cubicle, office, and common area will have trash removed
– Vacuum all carpeted areas
– Floor cleaning in areas that are not carpeted, such as elevators
Blind Cleaning
– Artificial plant dusting
– Restroom cleaning, which may or not include replenishment or soap or personal hygiene supplies

Cafeterias and breakrooms

Ask about janitorial services if your facility has a cafeteria or breakroom where food is stored and served. You might need:

– Floor mopping and sweeping
– Furniture and countertop cleaning
– Trash collection, which could include food or recyclable items
– Dishwasher loading/unloading
– Refill of paper products
– Refrigerator cleaning on a set schedule

This area may require more attention than regular office or cubicle areas. You might need trash and cleaning twice a week in this area, but the rest of your building should be cleaned once a week.

Cleaning of Specialized Rooms

You should ensure that your contractor is familiar with the specific areas of your business. You may have to follow certain procedures if you need to clean a specific area in your business or office. You must take special care when you have a server room for computers. This includes maintaining the temperature and humidity and not causing damage to sensitive wiring and equipment. Your contract should reflect the expectations and timeframe for these areas.

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Special Services

You may need a variety of services for your facility that are not included in your contract.

– Plant Care: Artificial plants only need to be dusted and cleaned occasionally, but live plants require watering and trimming on an ongoing basis. Your cleaning crew might take care of your plant care if you don’t have one.
Interior window washing
– Deep Carpet Cleaning/Stain Removal: Regular vacuuming is part of your regular service. However, you might want to schedule deep cleaning in high-traffic areas or request special treatment.
– Upholstery Cleaning: Some companies offer regular cleaning of lobby, office, or breakroom furniture.


You should have different cleaning schedules to suit your business and staff. Many janitorial companies offer regular, weekly, and monthly cleaning services for routine trash removal, vacuuming, and toilet attention. If you have a special request, you may be able to ask for extra visits. You should not only outline a regular schedule but also how you will handle any one-off requests.

Your janitorial company can be a valuable partner in your business operations. Before you sign a long-term contract, talk to other companies about their experience with cleaning your facility.