Be The Water

Be The Water

A few weeks back, I was reading an article on Uber’s almost complete destruction of the New York City taxi sector. Any cabbie will tell you that their days are over. Even Uber drivers know that they will lose work if the government and the private sector have the chance to make driverless cars more accessible.

Each day, there is an article on artificial intelligence and technological advancements. Many older workers are worried about their ability to retire before the economy changes dramatically. As they prepare for the potential displacement of large numbers of people from the workforce, some countries have begun to test the idea.

Be the water

Some people find change frightening, especially as they get older and more settled. It doesn’t have to be scary. According to Eastern traditions, a bamboo tree can bend with the wind, which is a different concept from a brittle branch. Bruce Lee, besides being a master martial arts artist, was also a philosopher. He said that you must become the water. Change isn’t always easy. It’s more evident and essential now.

The Future is Now

It is vital that everyone in today’s world takes stock of their future and what they can do right now. In many ways, the end is here. Let’s say artificial intelligence. A while back, I phoned a company to get a service. I found out that I was actually talking with a bot. It was frustrating as I wanted to speak to someone immediately, but the bot wouldn’t allow me to do so. I wasn’t interested in playing with it, and it eventually quit me. It was my client, so it’s not the best way to treat customers. Artificial intelligence can teach itself.

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Artificial Intelligence is Learning

Despite my experience, I know artificial intelligence is infinitely more intelligent and faster than humans. I believe that as soon as I call that company again this year, the bot will be more focused on customer service. I will have a seamless experience and never speak to a human, regardless of how many times I call them. While we debate the issue of immigrants taking jobs, the truth is that technology is driving business productivity in many industries, such as the automotive, energy, and retail sectors. This is also true for traditional white-collar occupations like medicine and law.

Adapting to Change

Humans must be able to adapt to changes quickly. This is a vital skill. How can you learn these skills to thrive in the digital age?

Keep learning. There is so much to learn. Keep learning. Get immersed in technology. In the digital age, it is not enough to say that you are too old for technology. It is your only choice to learn it. Keep up with your peers in business and learn as much as possible about technology.
Keep your confidence high: Connect the dots and find out how many times you have overcome obstacles in the past. Be confident in your ability to adapt and evolve. Your attitude and your perception of your capabilities are the most critical aspects of change.
The future is yours: Knowledge is power. It is a good idea to keep up with the changes in society and your own career. For example, if you find out that your field is losing jobs rapidly to technology, you should start thinking about ways you can retrain and learn new skills.
Avoid your comfort zone. People with a fear of flying should be encouraged to take off as often as possible. Your worries will become less important the more you face them. You can learn to change your behavior by putting yourself in situations that push you out of your comfort zone.
Never lose heart: There are always challenges, and reinventing yourself in this digital age is part of the journey. Take small steps forward. Don’t lose heart even when you are losing your chips. You can keep chipping away and see how you can overcome any obstacles.

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