Features of the Best Mining Pump

Features of the Best Mining Pump

It is a virtual machine in the mining industry. To get the best results, you need a reliable pumping machine. Are you looking for the best mining pump? This article will introduce you to a high-quality mining pump that is both efficient and worth buying.
Zoomilan Pump Co. Ltd has two types of mining pumps: Mining Pump (Self-balancing Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump) and Mining Pump(Balance Disc Multistage Centrifugal Pump). The self-balancing pump is arranged in a symmetrical fashion with no movement axially. The pump is intended to handle ore water with solid particles up to 1.5% and a diameter greater than or equal to 1.3mm. Water temperature should range from -20 to 80 degrees Celsius. This mining pump is used for underground drainage and mine drainage. Its multi-stage structure (32-84% efficiency) allows it to function efficiently.

The second mining pump is a balanced disc structure and is used for underground mining drainage. This pump uses ductile iron because it contains solid ore particles. The pump has high power, a wide range of performance, low noise, long life, safety, and high reliability. It is designed to handle water that is free from solid particles, abrasive, or other water-like liquids. The pump can also be used to deal with oil, water, and corrosive fluids by changing the material of the seal or the pressure of the cooling system. It can be used at temperatures between 0 and 80 degrees Celsius.

Specifications and Features

These are just a few of the specifications and features of pumps:

Mining pump (Self-balancing)

The volume of 6.3-1100 cubic meters
Head pressure is between 7.5 and 180 bar
Prices can range between $4250 and 71230
The power range is between 5.5 and 4500 kW
Speed: 1480-2950 rotations per minute
The voltage range is between 380V-10KV
Has 12 impellers
Mining Pump (Balanced Disc)
It can hold 6.3 to 850 cubic meters
Head pressure is between 1.7 and 100 bar
Prices can range between $2300-37,000
The power range is between 3-1800 kW and 4-8300 kW
Speed: 1480-2950 rotations per minute
The voltage range is between 380V and 10 kV
Has three impellers

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Each pump has its advantages. The self-balancing pump saves energy and is cost-effective. It is also easy to maintain. High-efficiency pumps help to save energy. The pump’s advanced design reduces maintenance costs. The pump does not have a balancing mechanism, so there are fewer parts to wear. Also, the pump’s life expectancy is high. There are many advantages to the balance disc pump. It is energy-efficient and has high-efficiency features due to its unique structure. Between the pump and the balance plate, there is an O-type seal ring. An indicator is located after the balancing plates.


Q.What is the product range?

Ans. Ans. Cooperating manufacturers can also meet your pumps needs.

Q. What information is needed to access your offer?

Answers. Ans. Specifications such as the working pressure and capacity, voltage, frequency, temperature, and liquid medium temperature will all be helpful.