Grip & Rip and Kick Into Gear for Year-End


Your work will fill a significant portion of your life. To be truly fulfilled, you must do great work. You can only love what you do if you do great work.

Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. chairman, co-founder, and CEO

What was your summer like?

While I will admit that I have spent my time with family and friends, I have never stopped thinking about the business. As we move into the last quarter of the year, I am excited to have the chance to continue developing my brands, making money, and making a difference. To live a happy life, you don’t need to be a millionaire (although it might be nice).

If I asked you to tell me what your plans were to position yourself for success as we move into Q4 2018, what would you say? What are you doing right now to set yourself for success?

From a business standpoint, this summer has been fantastic for me. People who see the hard work of my team and mine and ask me to collaborate with them or find ways to create win/win partnerships have called and emailed me weekly. It’s great to know that my focus and hard work are being recognized, rewarded, and recognized. It is a humble experience.

Because we have driven relentlessly, all of the things my team and I envisioned years back are now bearing fruit. Because we work hard and have fun, each day, I wake up feeling fulfilled by what I do. I won’t lie to you and say that there are no difficulties or frustrations. Yes, they are. It’s why it’s so much fun. My team and I see every obstacle as an opportunity for improvement. Every morning we wake up from a good night of sleep is an opportunity to learn, improve and try new things.

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Let’s ask you a second question: What do you define as success?

You wouldn’t find the definition for achievement that mentions the word “business” in a dictionary. This is because there’s a reason. You define success for yourself. Yes, I consider business a significant part of my definition of success. But, what is more, important to you? Family. My family and grandkids are my first priority. Then, my business.

What is your definition of success?

When you are clear about your priorities, you can prioritize your time. It may seem like we have endless days. But we don’t. So you must make decisions about how you spend your precious time here on earth.

You can then just put your foot to the metal and crush it. You have to “grip and rip”. You need to set at least two or three goals to make your life successful. Then break them down into smaller pieces. It is essential to keep your eyes on the main goals and return to them every day. While your milestones might change as you move forward, your vision should remain the same.

Keep working hard at it, and the results will come. It doesn’t matter if it’s personal or business. Jeff Bezos said it best when he said:

“We need to always look into the future. When the world changes around us and against you, what was a tailwind is now a headwind. You have to learn to accept that and then figure out how to respond. Complaining is not a strategy.
It is all about the commitment that makes the difference between success or failure. As summer winds down, think about what you will do the rest of the year to make your business or personal life successful. How will you close out the year and prepare for 2018, which will come before you know? It’s a great place to start to define your success and what the most important things are in your life and work. It’s then a matter of putting your foot down and giving it everything you have, thoughtfully, consistently, and persistently.

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