Juggling Living in the Now and Our Businesses

Juggling Living in the Now and Our Businesses

Is this something you find challenging? It can be very mind-boggling!

The Future, Past, and Rarely Present

Business plans, projections, data analysis, and constant checking of numbers are all required in order to be successful in the business world. If we don’t have the right people to assist us, it can be a full-time job!

All of these things serve to keep us in the present or the future. The present moment is fleeting. It reflects our past activities, so why waste time analyzing it? We can see how our lives have evolved by simply looking at the current moment.

A severe business is one that takes business seriously.

Many businesses are founded with the goal of making money. Isn’t this what makes the joy out many businesses? It’s a bit like someone who enjoys amateur dramas but decides to move to professional theatre. The pleasure is gone because their life depends on it. They are now enveloped in a cloak of seriousness, and it is not fun anymore.

This is what makes people feel anxious, stressed, and out of touch. Fear of failure is a common theme. People fear that they will not have enough money, or they may need to return to work they don’t like to make ends meet.

Starting your own business has many layers. It’s about being vulnerable because the world can reject us, and no one wants what we have. This is the ultimate rejection. It takes courage and faith to make that leap of faith.

Passion is key

It is essential to love what you do. This will make your business more successful. We all have dealt with beautiful companies, such as restaurants that offer the best food. One day, we go to our favorite restaurant, and we discover that the food and service are not as good as we expected. Customers will feel the difference if the restaurant is not taken over by the same people who started it. Do you think there is ever the same passion for a business that is already in operation as one that was built from scratch with sweat, blood, and tears? It’s hard to say, but it seems unlikely.

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Our business is powered by our energy. You can have unlimited money, but passion for what you do is the only way to make it work. Potential customers will see that we don’t want to be in business to love it. We are in it to make as much money as possible in as little time. They won’t trust us!

Putting Things in Perspective

To stay in control of your business, it is essential to keep your eyes on the moment. It is easy to be constantly focused on the future, whether it be next month, next year, or five years from now. Then comes all of the pressure to make that dream a reality. We also have to report on the successes and failures of our financial deadlines if we start a business using borrowed money. If we find ourselves in this situation, our stress levels will increase exponentially!

It is the same way an artist would create a piece of work of art and then release it to the world, hoping that someone will understand its essence. It is the same with our businesses: we put our heart and souls into them and then hope someone, anyone, will get it.

There are no guarantees that businesses will succeed financially, but we can ensure that they are successful emotionally on a daily basis by following our intuition and doing what we enjoy in every moment. This method can help you see that your projections are not accurate. We may be led down a completely different path, and your business could serve totally other purposes than what we originally planned. You never know what we might be able to do with our lives. There are always surprises in life!

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My point is that if we are too focused on the future and how much money we feel the need to make (sometimes for validation), we can often lose sight of the core purpose of our business and why we started it. Fear is when we think we won’t meet self-imposed deadlines. Again, it’s all about money. Our company becomes a huge thing that takes over our lives. We see it as our ultimate glory and destruction. It is our entire life. Now, instead of being the owners of our business and our lives, we become the business’s owners!

People who do not own their businesses are often stuck in horrible jobs, and they fear losing their jobs or being fired. They lack faith in the Universe’s ability to provide for them, so they don’t believe that the Universe can transfer its power to their company. They could let go of their fear of homelessness and destitution and see that the company is just a tool for God to provide for their needs.

The Universe has given us our business to provide for our material and/or emotional needs. This will allow us to relax and enjoy the journey. If we view our business only as a means of survival, it’s almost like having a partner who can provide every aspect of our happiness. It doesn’t happen.


Each person has their own path, and we only get to see one step at a given time. Our journey unfolds as each action is taken. Our mindset and emotions will determine where we end up. Joy and anticipation are the keys to finding joy in each moment. We will find the same in every moment if we continue to move forward with fear or trepidation. You have the option to choose to be a victim or a creator. The good news is that you can change your direction by simply living in the moment and being grateful for all that you have. You will be more thankful for the things you receive. This is not a new concept. Many people have been talking about it for years. It works; that’s the truth!

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It is becoming more common to talk about moving to a money-free world – much to the dismay of those who have all the money, I’m sure. This would allow us all to express ourselves and make our dreams come true. Some people have an extravagant lifestyle while others live in tiny homes by the ocean or deep in forests.

Many things have appeared in my life without me having to use money. Some of them were just a result of a wish, and some I obtained through barter (e.g., a reading exchanged for a crystal). I trust the Universe to provide all my needs. I can then just relax and live my day. I don’t plan ahead, but I like to dream about where I want to go. This is done with a light touch and without attachment. If my life takes a different direction, it’s no problem. This allows me to make my business a part of my daily life. If it is a huge success, that’s great. But if not, that’s okay too. The Universe will take care of my needs in a different way, sometimes mysteriously and unexpectedly. In the end, I am taken care of in every way possible. The upside is that I can enjoy my work and fulfill my emotional and mental needs without having to worry about financial goals.