Overview of a PIC Claim in Singapore

Overview of a PIC Claim in Singapore

It is difficult to set up a business and run it. To make your business profitable, we expect support and guidance in the early stages. Singapore offers a lot of support, and almost 400% tax relief for small businesses that deal in PIC. Singapore is a small country located in Southeast Asia. It is well-known for its ease of doing business and almost 400% tax relief for any businessman who does business in PIC. It is located at 137km from the Equator and enjoys a uniform climate throughout the year.

The monsoon is strong and the relative humidity is high. The Government’s friendly approach has made it possible to do business in a very favorable climate. As more people try to start their own business, the PIC initiative has proven to be a success. Let’s not dwell on the improvements it has made to the lives and businesses of these individuals, but let us first understand the systems that have helped Singapore reach its current advanced economic position.

PIC Claim – Why it is a success

Anyone can register for PIC claims in Singapore. This is to help with the development and progression of six Government quality activities. Firms can get tax deductions of up to 400% and can even opt for 60% as cash payments. Any business looking to succeed in this industry can expect a high return on investment and profitability. The scheme is also very helpful as there are more of these businesses.

PIC Claim – How does it work?

The Government of Singapore took the PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme) in 2010. Regulations and grants will be modified over the years. This scheme provides tax reliefs, financial assistance and support to small and medium-sized enterprises and businessmen. Tax deductions of 400% are available, as well as allowance. It can also be opted in cash up to 60%.

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Individuals can apply for the scheme if they are owners of six quality businesses as identified by the government. These are.

* Design projects approved and funded by Design Singapore Council

* Lease or acquire PIC information technology equipment and automation equipment

* Training for employees

* Lease or acquire intellectual property rights

* Research and Development Activities

* Registration of patents and trademarks, designs, and plant varieties.

Once the budget year is completed, the total financial calculations for that year are made and the taxable income calculated. Tax deductions have huge benefits, and entrepreneurs are increasingly flocking to the job market to share their business ideas.

Let’s see how each field works and which areas they supposedly excel in to apply for PIC Scheme.

A design is required for any physical production. All design, whether it is in-house or externally produced, are covered by the Government. It covers the costs incurred by the company to submit the design for further action.

b) You are eligible for the scheme if you purchase, lease or rent computers, software, or hardware from any company.

c) The company will be grateful for any cost it incurs to up-skill its employees by providing in-house training or external training.

d) The cost of patented copyright materials is high. This scheme provides grants to the government that cover all costs associated with buying copyright and patented materials.

e) Research and development of existing technologies are essential for any country to progress. It has been identified by the government as one of its major sectors and has chosen to concentrate more. This scheme allows for the validation and approval of any costs incurred by the company.

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f) It is important, like the research and development industry, to protect cultural and technological landmarks as well as natural resources. The government provides enough support to anyone who visits the patent office in order to register their patent.

Checklist for Pa IC Scheme

Although this is a lucrative scheme offered by the government, it is important to be familiar with a few facts before you submit an application for consideration. You and the government will both be able to work more efficiently and effectively if you take the necessary precautions.

i) It is important to understand the requirements and how they are spent. You may be rejected if you submit a form for another area while doing business in that other area.

iii) Fill out the form completely and thoroughly. You will not be accepted for incomplete forms. Failure to complete forms will lead to wastage of time.

iii. Always submit enough documentation as proof of your claim. Documents help you understand the system better and increase the validity of your claim.

iv. Always be honest about your income and the amount of the qualifying amount. The PIC scheme is only applicable to the qualifying amount, not your total income.


PA IC claims are a great way to do business that benefits both government and business. This also leads to a significant improvement in the country’s overall development. The government can find the latest technology and equipments, while the finance companies are able to provide additional investment.

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You should be aware that the government may not approve of your miscalculations. False claims and claiming more than you are entitled could land you in serious trouble. The claim or application could be rejected, or worse, you may lose your credibility. If you are familiar with the rules, it is easier to understand and enjoy the scheme.