The ONE Thing Every Business Needs To Do

The ONE Thing Every Business Needs To Do

A couple of weeks ago, I was coaching/consulting/just chatting with a sci-fi-fantasy author to write her bio.

She said something that stuck to me.

She’s decided she isn’t interested in spending her time trying to find all the “things” that people are “supposed to be doing” on the internet. She isn’t interested in a write a blog every week, or to slay the internet with social networks, or develop an online course.

All she is looking forward to doing is share good stories that people love reading. Reports that provide a pleasant reading experience. Stories that respect readers their time (and their intelligence.)

She spoke so straightforwardly. There’s nothing apologetic about it.

An anchor in the soil. Fresh air. An unwavering conviction.

Most of the time, the moment I pick up the phone with someone, I’d hear them talk about an endless list of “marketing actions” they’re planning to carry out.

They then start discussing why they’re stuck, the things that haven’t been addressed on the list, and what technology is keeping them stuck. The conversation is usually made in an apologetic tone.

The apologetic tone can be fatal. It causes us to shrink. It can take us away from what we know to be the best choice for us, our clients, as well as our clients and messages.

We are forced to conform with no discernment.

We live in this business-coach-bubble filled with marketing-should’s.

We’re directed in a variety of different directions, all of which are trying to “market” our companies.

In the process of forgetting what made us want to do it, to begin with.

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In the process of forgetting that we didn’t begin our own businesses to sell some products.

It’s easy to forget that at time’s end, when we can’t bring value and meaning to our customers and value, then we’re not able to create something worthwhile to market. Everything you’ve learned about marketing or selling won’t matter.


Most of the time, we’re making things more complex than they need to be.

Do not drown yourself in a myriad of strategies for marketing and business at a loss for where to begin and become lost in the analysis paralysis.

Begin by doing good work.

Begin with your unique perspective, your own outstanding contribution.

Begin by defining what you want to say.

“Doing good work” doesn’t mean getting stuck in perfectionism.

This doesn’t mean that you have to get it right before you can sell it.

Good work is a way of life.

Engage yourself in the process. Don’t be afraid, don’t compromise or compromising your message because you are worried about offending others or not allowing customers. Speak the truth.

As far as you are able to do it with the resources you’ve currently, using faith, conviction, and honesty.

The word “good work” also refers to shipping the thing. If you fail to deliver the product, it’s not suitable for anyone else.

If you are doing a good job, When you recognize the significance of that work, and you can map its relevance to your field, The next step is natural…

Discuss it.

If you’re doing a good job and you do it enough, then you’ll know your skill and know your product inside and out so that you can discuss it in a manner that makes clear why it’s valuable and valuable to your customers.

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You may require an alternative perspective to see all the parts and assist in reshaping the words… however, you need to have high-quality raw materials.

Garbage in, garbage out. Without meaningful input, marketing becomes an endless hamster wheel.

This is what I say to anyone who is interested in some of my fairy-dust for copywriting I can make their writing sound unforgettable. But, if they’re not doing honest work, that disconnect could eventually bite them in the**.

Make reasonable efforts, and you will be able to sell with confidence, conviction, and alignment.

Simple, simple.

Ling Wong:: Intuitive Brainiac | Creative Mentor Copywriting Alchemist. Through her unique mix that combines Business + Marketing coaching/consulting with a Mindset and Psychic Twist, she assists entrepreneurs who are mavericks to discover the essence of their motivations into material that is resonant, connects, and converts. All because of an intuitive but rigorous process that was born of the foundation of her Harvard Design School training and ten years of experience within the world of online marketing.