The Right Tips for Your Probing Needs

The Right Tips for Your Probing Needs

Precision is critical with atomic force microscope probes. You can’t trust it with any other product. The right tip is essential for your project. You must feel confident that the product you choose will give you accurate results. You should look for quality products and a company that has an excellent reputation.

It is not possible to give up the vital information that you seek to collect with atomic force microscope probes. The testing, variables and techniques must be under your control. This means that you must be able to trust and understand the equipment and its setup. It is also essential to know how to use it for the project you are working on.

Point Probe

Point Probe is the most popular tip. It is versatile and easy to use compared to other options for atomic force microscope probes. They can be used for both AFM and SPM testing. These are ideal for high-resolution evaluations. The radius of the tip can be adjusted from 8 to 12 nm.

They are also available in different tip shapes. This allows you to personalize the design for a particular project or object. This type of tip can be used in a variety of ways. Understanding these best practices will allow you to get the best results.

Ultra Short

Sometimes, you may need a brief trip to complete a project. These are great for AFM options with high speeds. They can be used at frequencies between 1.2 MHz and 5 MHz. The tip radius will be less than 10 nm.

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Pyrex Nitride

Although they are not as common as the Pyrex Nitride, these atomic force microscope probes are still helpful in certain situations. They can be used for dynamic and contact modes of probing. You can choose from either a triangle or rectangle design, depending on your requirements. A version without a tip is also available.


Arrow atomic force microscope probes are the best choice for precise and detailed options. The three-sided tip of crystal planes allows you to optimize where it is placed and what you use to make an object stand out. This type of option can be confusing because it is difficult to know what to do with it.

This tip is excellent for scanning symmetrical elements. Specialized information is available to help you achieve this. The tip radius is between 10 and 15 nm. If you require a resonance frequency of up to 2 MHz, there is a high-speed version.


To ensure that the tips remain sharp, inspect them regularly. They can become dull and compromise the data they send back. They will need to be changed if they become too soft. You should keep track of the times they were inspected and adjusted. This will allow you to extract the maximum value from your atomic force microscope probes.

You have many options to achieve the results you desire. You can be successful by knowing what you should use and how to use it. Do not leave anything to chance. Focus on precision and promoting the best outcomes possible that are objective and repeatable.

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