Types of Automatic Spring Making Machines

Types of Automatic Spring Making Machines

Technology’s most useful invention is the automatic spring making machine. These machines are used in factories to make springs of different types. These machines are very easy to use. This machine is very easy to use for technical engineers. Modern design features and functions are included in these machines to make it easier and quicker to do the job.

There are two types of spring-making machines:


Automatic spring-making machines are manufactured and exported by many companies and brands.


Two types of automatic spring-making machines are most popular


Pottery Device

Computerized Former

Each type has its own benefits and features. Both types are efficient and effective, which is a common trait.

Features of Pottery Device


Most engineers and technicians are now using the computer-controlled spring maker. If the user is familiar with the computerized version, the pottery device type can also be used. Below are some common characteristics of pottery devices.


It is easy to install the pottery device. It is easy to program.

Because of its functional slides, this device is known for getting the job done quicker.

It doesn’t require frequent removal and fitting of tolls in order to manufacture different products.

This device can easily be connected to specific tools that are needed for the manufacture of specific products.

It eliminates instability that may occur when the machine is moving in a circular direction.

Computerized Spring Former Features:


This type is a bit more modern than the others, as the name implies. It is similar to the pottery device in many ways and easy to use. Below are some of the most common features of computerized Spring forefathers.

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Twin Axle Rotary Quill or Bending are two of the basic units for making a spring. These units can be combined or separated depending on your requirements.

The spring wire diameter should be between 0.8 to 1.8 inches.

You can make different types of springs and wires without the need to change tools.

The device also includes a 360-degree rotating device that can be used for coiling, bending and cutting during manufacturing. This allows you to save time and gets the job done quicker.

The machine does not include a wire rotation disk as the rotary device can be used to quickly get the job done.

Before you start the production, you should have a programming file. If the product is to be made again, this file can be accessed via USB. It is always a good idea to reuse products. This also helps you save time.

Different types of spring-making machines are used by different factories. To increase production, it is crucial to select the right machine. You should consider the product type, the location and cost of production, as well as the manpower and cost. These factors should be considered before choosing a machine to maximize your benefit.