What Are Micro Switches and Where Are They Used

What Are Micro Switches and Where Are They Used

This article will focus on a technology we all have in our lives. But, unless you are a member of the technological sciences field, you won’t be able to feel its presence. This is a micro-switch. Continue reading to learn more.
Before we get into the details, let’s first briefly review the history of these switches. It was created in Illinois, USA, in 1932 by Peter McGall. McGill founded a micro-switching company after five years of inventing it. This was the foundation for this ever-growing technology.

Let’s now look at the uses and purpose of this technology. A micro switch’s selling point can be found in its own words. A microswitch can be activated with minimal force by applying a lever to transmit current flow until it is turned off.

Now, we will focus on the areas where these switches can be found. I’m sure that you are all using them in your everyday lives. To make it easier to understand, we can divide its use into two broad categories. So, let’s get started.

Home Applications

Because they are all used frequently in nearly every household, the appliances we’ll be discussing must be familiar. All devices that have a power supply need to be turned on/off, as well as other functions, use micro switches. These functions will be explained by examples.

They can be found in washing machines as water-level sensors or completion alarms. They are used to detect freezing levels in refrigerators and check if the ice maker is in the right place.

Air conditioners are next on the list. These units use micro switches to determine the status of the doors, the cooling levels, and the angle of the louvers. These switches are also found on ovens and cookers. The most common use of them is on the panel that controls all functions of ovens or ranges.

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Security & Building Applications

Security applications, as well as various appliances in buildings/premises, are another central area where micro-switches are overused. We will again consider the power-on/off switch as the primary function, and we will attempt to identify other uses.

Microswitches are most commonly found in pushbuttons and alarms that are pressed during an emergency or need. Examples of standard micro switches include emergency doors, fire alarms, and bells of assistance. A typical example is a turning device for cameras.

These switches activate when the turning device reaches an extreme point. This could be applicable to all turning devices. They are also found in the door control system panel and elevator panels.

This summary was intended to provide a brief overview of microswitches and their typical applications. Although there are many more points and examples that we could discuss, the information provided here will suffice to give you an overview of these devices.