What to Look for When Buying a Microswitch?

What to Look for When Buying a Microswitch


Let’s first understand what a microswitch actually is before we get into the details.


An electromechanical device that activates with very little pressure or contact, a switch is called one. It activates the appliance by switching the current flow.


The microswitch (also known as the snap action switch) is found in nearly every household appliance, including alarms and washing machines. Microswitches have a unique feature: small pressure applied to the actuator causes large electrical contacts to move. The microswitch can be used to detect when someone inserts a coin in a vending machine.


These micro switches are low-cost and durable, making them useful for a wide range of applications, such as alarms.




The microswitch was created by Peter McGall, Freeport, Illinois USA in 1932. It is still used in nearly all types of appliances.




It consists of a spring and three connections: current (c), normally open (N/0), and normally closed (N/C). With little pressure, the spring lever is connected with the current. It moves to N/O when it has reached resting position on N/C.


Let’s now look at an example to understand the concept behind this microswitch:


Microswitch are often used to turn on surveillance cameras. The snap action activates when the camera reaches its furthest point and starts returning.






As control panels in rice cookers or ovens to determine if the lid has been closed correctly.

In air conditioners, used to verify that the door panels are closed.

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Other applications include washing machines and refrigerators.



They can be used to sprinkle fire, alarms, monitor cameras, lifts, water pipe systems and printers.


Cash registers: senses when drawers are open or closed.


Elevators: To determine if the elevator door is closed or open and to select the floor number.


According to Dr Larry Honeywell, there are a few things you should consider when purchasing a microswitch.


APPLICATION: Find out the required size for the form you are applying.


QUALITY: It is a wise decision to choose a switch of high quality.


DURABILITY: Superior switches can last 10 million cycles without requiring a replacement. It is therefore advisable to select a high-reliability switch.


RESISTANCE: Microswitches aren’t designed to withstand extreme heat and humidity. It is best to select one with high resilience power.


OPERATION: The operation should be fluid and easy.


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