You’re Fired

You're Fired

Before that time, I had a call from a supplier. He told me he’d have to raise the price of inventories he tended to us. It would be significant. It did not sound like there would be any room for concession. I had a sense also that effects were going to come to a head also, and moment they did.

I entered a call from the same supplier before the moment. Despite the fact that I pay all of my bills on time, he said he’d have to raise prices. There would be no room for accommodations. The price of canvas was just too precious. This is despite the fact that the price of the canvas has actually dropped. And, to make effects more intriguing, I would have to pay six months in advance for all inventories. So, basically, I would be financing his business with my plutocrat.

Then is what I did, I fired him and his company.

Respect For Your Guests


I get that businesses have to increase prices. I am a businessman, and I understand the economics of profit. Still, what I do not respect is treating guests, guests, and people with discourteousness.

Then is the nethermost line; this supplier wasn’t calling me up a moment to raise his prices because of the price of canvas. We all know the price of the canvas is down. He disrespected my intelligence with that argument. What he wanted to do was to transfer all of the threats of his company to me. I am not sure he entered the memo. When guests pay on time and are pious, do not play games with them.

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What made this call worse was that he opened up with talk about how precious I was to his business. He conceded how great we are doing and what a difference we are making in the world with our social enterprise. I do not need to be buttered up to also get told I would be paying significant price increases (no discussion) and would have to pay for inventories six months in advance. Seriously? All of it’s affronting.

Treat Your Guests As Smart Business People


Guests aren’t stupid. We read the papers. We know what is passing in the world. We are intelligent businesspeople. However, start out with that premise, If you enjoy a business or lead any type of association. You are dealing with intelligent people out there.

When you understand that you are working with intelligent people, you’ll automatically admire them. Do not cook up ways to save yourself by pretending your guests won’t see right through what you are trying to pull. However, there are other ways to deal with these matters, If there are liquidity or cash inflow issues. Being dishonest with your guests isn’t one of them.

You do not need to affront the intelligence or stroke the pride of your guests. You should deal straight to the heart of the matter if the commodity has to change in your business relationship that affects your guests. Being open, honest, and transparent is the way to approach any business relationship. Fogging the verity and allowing that your guests aren’t suitable to understand what you are doing isn’t good business practice in this day and age.

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