Freightology: Freight Driven by Technology

Freightology Freight Driven by Technology

It is said that good things are for those who wait. We are happy to inform you that the wait has ended! Although the wait was over several years ago, you have never heard of it. We are here to inform you about some fantastic advances in Freight shipping that will simplify your life. We’ll be there to thank you later.

We all know that most industries are changing rapidly, but the freight industry isn’t one of them. At least, not according to most people. Many freight forwarders are frustrated with the lack of information and have given up on modern methods of doing business. These are the most pressing issues freight shippers have to face today.

* Get a quote by contacting several trucking companies (high wait times).

* Compare each quote to find the one that suits your budget

* Driver inaccessibility after the freight has been picked up

Tracking for your shipment is limited.

* Miscommunications of important information

These platforms can automate all of these tasks and make your freight life easier. These platforms will be a blessing for those who are tired of the traditional brick-and-mortar practices in this industry.

Below are some fantastic benefits to these platforms:

1. Comparison of Quotes and Real-Time Rates

No more rate negotiations! Freight shippers are now used to contacting every carrier to negotiate a fair rate. Automated platforms can eliminate this tedious and time-consuming process. You can access rates from hundreds of carriers with just a click, allowing you to spend your time focusing on other things. It’s like being able to count your money for all the extra business you do. Automated platforms can be integrated with different carriers to allow you to view the rates in real-time. This means that what you see is usually what you pay. This ensures rate stability, and you won’t see any significant price fluctuations.

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2. Reverse Logistics

It is common to order products from vendors and have them ship them to your home. Then, add the shipping cost to your final bill. This shipping cost is usually added to the final bill by vendors. You can avoid this! You can now arrange your own shipping through automated platforms. You simply need to arrange pick-up from your vendor and print a return label. Then, send it to the vendor. You have complete control over the shipping cost. It’s a life-changing experience, I know.

3. Visibility

It would be great if couriers had complete visibility of all shipments. Now you can. Freight platforms generate tracking numbers that allow you to track your shipment from source to destination, just like automated courier platforms. You can plan for storage space, docks, and everything in between with these platforms, which clearly mark transit times each time you send a shipment.

4. Support services in-house

We know that this isn’t a necessity, but we can’t live without it. Customer service and in-house operations are kind of like the iPhone for the freight industry. This is a valuable resource for when tracking doesn’t provide enough information to calm your nerves about the precious pallet. This is one example of how an in-house team can be critical. Let’s put it another way: The in-house team to the platform is Dr. Watson to Sherlock Holmes.

5. Data Analysis Reporting

Another advantage of automated platforms is the ability to create custom reports for analysis. This is especially useful for large organizations with high shipping volumes.

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6. Centralized Billing

Imagine not having all those receipts and invoices to deal with on a daily basis. It is simply an excellent thought. It’s not something that anyone else does, so why should you? Some platforms are more sophisticated than others and have intelligent billing systems that allow shippers to receive one invoice for all shipping. I’m sure Bernie in the accounts department will be very grateful!

7. Insurance

While not all platforms offer services that are available across continents, some do. This can be incredibly helpful, and I don’t think it is necessary to emphasize how useful.

It’s here, and you know what you have been missing. We’ve provided many reasons why more freight shippers are switching to an automated platform. These include speed, coverage, and scalability.