So You Want Results? Here Is the Formula

So You Want Results Here Is the Formula

When I spoke with my client, Sarah was complaining that she’s doing a lot of work and does not get the results she’s hoping for. We then had an exchange about what the reason was and found out that she was doing well and achieving the results she was looking for within her company for several months, but the next day… it was as if she just did not do the things she was doing to lead to the outcomes in the first place. The lightbulb time… She declared, “I thought I did enough, and now I can simply coast!”. When she realized that “coasting was a loss for her business, it was simple to fix the issue and changed her business’s performance in the right direction.

This is not uncommon, and throughout the conversations I conduct with my clients regarding their results, I have come up with an effective formula. Here are what I’ve discovered and the steps you can take to get outcomes.

First of all, I am sure that you probably know this, but it is essential to apply this concept in your mind: The only thing that can result in results is action. Good intentions, positive thoughts, and a desire to think about it, wishing, doesn’t produce results. Actually. All that can produce accurate concrete results is taking action. Once you’ve satisfied with that, The other three factors that cause an inability to deliver results are due to:

1. Do not make promises about results.

2. Not taking enough actions

3. Ineffective actions

Let’s take a closer look at this:

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1. Promised results:

A. You must make commitments and come up with a method for you to be accountable to someone who is not you to fulfill your commitments. Why is that? Take a moment to do an honest assessment here- the majority of us aren’t trustworthy to keep promises to ourselves, but we are more likely to fulfill promises when we need to make promises to another person. This could be an accountable partner or even a manager.

B. Promise results but not action. After having coached many thousands of students, there is one thing I am sure of is that we, you and I, are both good people with good intentions. If you say you will take action, then you could be fooled and follow through with what you stated but not take the action that is required to bring about outcomes. If this occurs, you could be stuck on the reason you’re not achieving results. I have found it to be highly effective to make promises about the outcome. This puts you into action and thinking up new ideas as you create the product.

2. Insufficient action

A. You guarantee the outcome. Then you formulate a strategy. The plan is implemented. You then evaluate this program (depending on the commitment you’d like to review frequently). After you have analyzed the plan, you realize that the actions you made were successful, but you did not do enough of them.

B. Simple fix: Add additional actions that are similar to the ones you’ve already taken.

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3. Ineffective actions:

You are a. You set a goal for the end result. You create a plan. You follow the program. You review the results, but you’re not receiving the desired results.

B. Analyze the actions and determine the steps that were not successful.

C. Make a new strategy of action.

If you make an effort to follow this simple but effective technique whenever you need to achieve results, You are always in a position to create and produce exactly what you want!