Tips for Finding a Good Beauty Brand Name

Tips for Finding a Good Beauty Brand Name

Brand names should be as concise as possible. Your brand name should be able give your products an identity. The name should be able to fit your business and make an impression on the market. This name will help you stand out in the market.

Get your mind going and come up with a name that best represents your brand. If you are having trouble coming up with a name for your beauty brand, don’t worry!


Beauty Brand Personalities


It is important to understand the personality of your beauty brand before you decide on a name. You will want your brand name to reflect that personality.


Scientific Beauty Brands – There are some beauty brands that focus on skin health and treatment. They use formulas approved dermatologists. Because people trust science, such brands can easily gain customer trust. These beauty brands often have names that include words such as derma, formula, clinic, and so on.

They are sophisticated- These companies aim to make customers feel special and so they make sure their products and designs are very elegant. These brands have many options for brand names. Many choose to use French-sounding names or personal names that include a little bit of wordplay.

Accessible/sensible – These brands are convenient and affordable. These brands offer products that have 2-in-1 benefits. These brands can be found in both retail and pharmacy stores. These brands also have names that convey convenience and simplicity.

These companies promote sustainability, health, and wellness. These brands love to include their brand mission in the names they choose. They use descriptive names. They are meaningful.

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These beauty brands are often the most popular, and they have a lot to offer. They use striking names, bright colors and stylish fonts to express their brand personality.

How to Find a Good Beauty Brand Name

Once you have a clear idea of your brand personality, you can use it to create the perfect brand name.


Match the Brand with the Name


Customers will relate to names that reflect the personality and nature of your beauty brand. They will feel connected to the brand and want to use it.


Keep it simple


It doesn’t matter if your products are expensive and luxurious, choosing names that are difficult to spell or pronounce can make it hard for customers to remember. You will most likely lose them to your competitors.




It is a smart idea to choose witty names that are also written in different languages. This will make your name stand out. It shouldn’t offend anyone. However, before you finalize the name, ensure that it is translated in other languages to make sure your brand is understood globally.


Check the Availability


The name you choose could be taken by a company in another part of the globe, as this is a large industry. To avoid copyright and trademark issues, make sure you verify the availability of your brand name. If the names are unique, social media handles or web domains will not be an issue.