What Is the Salt Spray Test Chamber Used for

What Is the Salt Spray Test Chamber Used for

Salt spray testing is an accelerated corrosion test that measures the resistance to corrosion of materials exposed to salt fog or high-temperature salt spray. This corrosion test provides corrosion resistance statistics for metals and coated metals. Let’s learn more about how these chambers work. Continue reading to learn more.

After the Test


A visual inspection can be done after the test to determine if coatings, paints and metals are suitable for withstanding corrosion or exposure to marine conditions. The spray test involves placing samples in a sealed salt spray chamber or cabinet that conforms to ASTM B117 standards. During the spray test, they are exposed to continuous indirect fogging or spraying of saltwater solutions.


A salt spray chamber is a chamber that tests a material’s resistance to spray corrosion and its protective layer. It is quick, easy to use, and can be repeated over and over again.


Salt spray chambers are used to meet international standards such as ASTM B 117. The coating’s corrosion resistance determines the duration of the test. If the coating is more resistant, the testing period will be longer without showing signs of deterioration.


Is a Salt Spray Test Chamber needed?


These chambers can be used by almost every company that produces products that are susceptible to corrosive environments. These chambers are useful in the following industries.


Aerospace – Spacecraft, including helicopters and spaceships, are exposed to extreme conditions, such as temperature fluctuations, vacuum states, and radiation from outer space.

Automotive – Parts and components for automobiles are in constant demand. Manufacturers and suppliers face a major challenge when it comes to improving the quality and safety of their products. Test chambers allow for a safe and enjoyable testing process that ensures end users have a pleasant experience. Corrosion testing for automobile parts is important because it can cause the whole vehicle to deteriorate.

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Medical Equipment – This equipment is closely connected to a person’s health and must be reliable.

These Experiment Chambers can be used for a variety corrosion experiments, which may last from a few hours up to several months.

This allows you to determine whether the product can withstand the harsh conditions it will be exposed. This testing can also be used to determine which part of the product is most susceptible to failure and, under certain circumstances, how long it will last.


Salt Spray Chamber Advantages


These tests can be done on any material, including painted or naked materials.

The test time is much shorter than in the natural environment. Because of the tight budget, uniform materials are required.

Also, the chamber performs surface and material polish tests. The chamber can also evaluate the formed products and prepared parts. The findings are easy to understand.

This testing equipment is able to meet today’s strict corrosion test protocols with precision and flexibility.

Equipment can produce salt spray, high humidity and air drying at a certain temperature within the chamber.

This is a short introduction to the salt spray chamber. This article should help you gain a better understanding about the unit.